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Connecting youth and families with community resources to enhance their wellness, help them successfully learn and prepare for life.



The Success Street staff are friendly and caring people who are here to help you and keep you healthy. You can trust them to confidentially assist you and your family with your health care needs at our three locations, Carver, East and West. Your health is important to us and Success Street is dedicated to making sure you are both mentally and physically healthy so you can succeed in school and in life.


At Success Street, students can expect to find the following services: mental health counseling; school or sports physicals; immunizations; substance use prevention & education; teen dating violence advocacy and sexual assault advocacy; support with relationship concerns and safety planning; sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention education, testing, and treatment; pregnancy prevention education, testing, and counseling; and community resource referral assistance. Educational, support & empowerment groups for teens are offered as well.


"I am so thankful for Success Street. I was having a hard time focusing in class because I thought I might be pregnant. I came down to Success Street and was able to talk with an educator about my concerns. She really helped me with a lot of questions I had, and I was able to take a pregnancy test that day to find out I was not pregnant. We also talked about STDs and I was able to make an appointment with the doctors at Success Street that same week! They were very helpful and so nice to talk with. After my appointments I was able to go right back to class without worry."

"I stopped down to talk with Success Street about birth control and to get some questions answered. During my conversation with the staff, they thought it might be a good idea to meet with one of the mental health counselors at Success Street. I was able to talk with them that same week!"

"I called Success Street to get my child scheduled for a physical. They were so helpful and my child was able to pick up the paperwork that same day for me to fill out. As soon as we got the paperwork turned in my child was placed on the schedule! This is so amazing for my family as right now my husband and I both work full time and are not able to take off work for appointments. This way we did not have to miss work or pull our child out of school. Thank you Success Street!"




Health Care Services

Doctors and nurses are available to provide school or sport physicals, well-checks, immunizations, other preventative and health maintenance medical services on-site during the school day.

Mental Health Counseling & Services

Services are available during the school day addressing a variety of mental health needs through assessment and individual therapy.

Adolescent Sexual Health Education & Services

Certified adolescent sexual health educators are available to meet individually with students who may have questions or concerns regarding their sexual health. Pregnancy tests and sexually transmitted disease screening is available.

Relationship Education, Dating Violence & Sexual Assault Education

Providers offer confidential services to those affected by sexual assault and domestic violence.

Substance Use Prevention & Education

Support, education, and services are offered to students who may be struggling with mental health or addiction. Pathways offers tools for recovery and prevention.

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