Our Mental Health Services

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Success Street Mental Health is a school-based mental health program provided to Pre K-12 students in the Waterloo Community School District. Through this partnership with Waterloo Schools, early intervention is possible. Research has indicated that early identification and intervention is effective in treating student mental health concerns. Our goal is to intervene early and improve student success.


What are school-based mental health services?

School-based mental health services include outpatient therapy, assessment, intervention, consultation and referral services for elementary, middle, and high school students. These services aid in addressing mental health needs for youth, while removing barriers that may exist in accessing therapy in a community setting. The outpatient therapy services schedule appointments with students at school, during the school day. School appointment scheduling is flexible and mindful of academic needs. Parental consent is required for those under 18.

What schools are included?

School-based Mental Health Therapists provide therapy in the Waterloo and Cedar Falls School Districts at nearly all of the buildings. If you are interested to see if services are at your child’s building, you can ask a Building Administrator or School Counselor.

Who provides school-based mental health services?

In partnership with School Districts, mental health services are provided through UnityPoint Health -Black Hawk Grundy Mental Health Center. These mental health therapy services are provided by licensed mental health professionals, including social workers and mental health counselors


Are there costs for these services?

There is no charge to families for mental health services in the school setting. Funding is provided through IA HealthLink, community partnerships and school support.

How are referrals made?

There are two primary ways to access school-based mental health services:

1. Through referral made by parents/guardians, school staff, or other professionals


2. Through self-referral, if the student is of consenting age and ability

When there is a suspected need or concern, parents/guardians can call their child’s school to determine the appropriate professional to contact and the specific services and supports needed. Referring sources can call 319-433-2780 and ask to speak with the School-based Mental Health Coordinator.